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    title: BHH Leisure Club

    01 Feb 2016 | 14:00
    cost: £1
    contact: Barry Abis
    venue: BHH Synagogue
    description: "More non-stop music & mirth" presented by Malcolm Goodman. Annual Subscription – £2 Admission is £1 per meeting including refreshments and a raffle For further information please contact Irene Collins on 0113 8055984 or Barry Abis on 07837 850 869

    title: Jewish Historical Society

    01 Feb 2016 | 20:00
    contact: Malcolm Sender
    venue: UHC
    description: The Jewish Historical Society, Leeds Branch invites you to hear Dr Sethina Watson, University of York who will talk on The York Massacres 1190 Sources, Contexts and Causes.

    title: Bingo & Bagel Evening

    06 Feb 2016 | 20:00
    cost: £7.50
    contact: Wendy Tobias / Elise Kleiman
    venue: BHH Synagogue
    description: Price includes bingo cards and refreshments - bring a pen!

    title: Pizza + Ice Cream = Bliss!

    06 Feb 2016 | 20:00
    cost: TBC
    contact: Rabbi Shimon B Glickman
    venue: UHC
    description: Inviting all high-school teens to join us for a fun evening making and eating pizza!!! There will also be an ice cream bar! Registration required.

    title: WIZO quiz@home

    06 Feb 2016 | 19:30
    cost: donation
    contact: nicky@wizouk.org
    venue: at your home
    description: Join in fun-filled online quiz from the comfort of your own home, with friends and family. Help to raise vital funds for WIZO projects in Israel. Suggested donation £17.50

    title: Pride Shabbat

    06 Feb 2016 | 10:30
    contact: Sancturry@sinaisynagogue.org.uk
    venue: Sinai Synagogue
    description: A service, kiddush, discussion and study to mark Leeds Pride

    title: Anne Frank WIZO coffee morning

    07 Feb 2016 | 11:00
    cost: Donation
    contact: Deidre Cline at Leeds WIZO office for details
    venue: Contact Deidre Cline 2684773
    description: Rosemary Bott, Harriett Brostoff, Berit Denton, Gillian Dresler, Andrea Kamil, Jennifer Sillers & Pat Zermansky invite you and your friends Guests of Honour Anita Finlay and Carole Taylor, child presenters Noah Skolnick and Catie Dresler. Stella and Dot Jewellery presented by Juliet Shenderey along with home made produce.

    title: The Jewish Course of Why

    09 Feb 2016 | 20:00
    contact: Rabbi Eli Pink
    venue: Chabad-Lubavitch Leeds
    description: Over the last 8 years JLI, has run 25 courses. We've had some extremely popular courses, but only one course was so popular that we ran a day time sessions too - Fascinating Facts of Judaism. This year we return with the sequel - The Jewish Course of Why. To make the sequel even better, we've asked 30,000 people worldwide for their best questions. We've chosen the top 50 for you. The biggest questions in all of Judaism. All in six weeks. We are happy to arrange another time subject to demand. Book now to take advantage of early bird prices.

    title: UK Israel Business Event

    10 Feb 2016 | 07:45
    contact: Jane Clynes
    venue: Weetwood Hall
    description: UK Israel Business Event are looking forward to deliver an exciting programme in 2016 and express our appreciation to our continued Sponsors and Partners for their support. To kick start our programme, Richard Cramer of Front Row Legal, has arranged for David Dein - 'former vice-chairman of Arsenal Football Club - Ambassador of the Premier League' to join us as our Guest Speaker at Weetwood Hall on the 10th February. David is a high profile speaker and is joining us on a complimentary basis. Front Row Legal are sponsoring this Breakfast and there will be £10 entrance fee for a prize draw. Please contact Jane Clynes by email or telephone to confirm your place.

    title: Israeli Scientist! - working for the environment

    10 Feb 2016 | 19:30
    cost: £0
    contact: Or Nehushtan

    title: LJOY Sky Dive

    10 Feb 2016 | 20:00
    contact: Robert Marks
    venue: UHC
    description: SIGN UP TODAY FOR A SKY DIVE ON THE 17 APRIL and raise funds for charity! Sign up night and information evening is on 10th Feb.

    title: BHH Leisure Club

    15 Feb 2016 | 14:00
    cost: £1
    contact: Barry Abis
    venue: BHH Synagogue
    description: "Talented Youngsters from Around the World" - Part 1 Presented by Barry Abis Annual Subscription – £2 Admission is £1 per meeting including refreshments and a raffle For further information please contact Irene Collins on 0113 8055984 or Barry Abis on 07837 850 869

    title: HSFA AGM

    21 Feb 2016 | 14:30
    contact: barbara.cline@ljwb.co.uk
    venue: MAZCC

    title: Israel Advocacy training day with the ZF

    21 Feb 2016 | 00:00
    description: What to say on a radio call? How do I debate Israel? who do I send emails to and how do I phrase them? Israel needs all the support and help you can give. a Like, a Share, a letter to an MP or a phone call... These all can make a difference in our effort to bring out the best of Israel to the public, and counter the negative. Join us for one day of Israel Advocacy Training with the ZF's experts!

    title: Global Unity Event

    21 Feb 2016 | 17:00
    cost: £5
    contact: Rabbi Eli Pink
    venue: Chabad-Lubavitch Leeds
    description: One hour of Jewish Unity, Torah Study and Inspiration, streamed live in a simultaneous broadcast to hundreds of communities around the globe. Featuring Rabbi Lau, Rabbi Lord Sacks, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Mrs Rachel Frenkel. Light Dinner.

    title: IDF soldiers- diversity and adversity

    23 Feb 2016 | 20:00
    contact: Or Nehushtan

    title: CCJ Winter Concert

    25 Feb 2016 | 19:00
    cost: Free

    title: Shabbat Service to honour West Yorkshire Police

    27 Feb 2016 | 10:15
    venue: Etz Chaim Synagogue
    description: Members of the community are invited to a special Shabbat Service to honour West Yorkshire Police for their service to the Jewish community, presented by Etz Chaim Synagogue, the Leeds Jewish Representative Council and the Jewish Police Association on behalf of the Leeds Jewish Community. The Shabbat will honour West Yorkshire Police in recognition of the work they do to protect and assist the Leeds Jewish Community and also to recognise the valuable work done by CST (Community Security Trust) in continuing to keep the community and community buildings safe and secure. Both organisations work closely together to protect, safeguard and assist the whole community. The service will be attended by the Temporary Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, Dee Collins; the Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson; representatives of several policing teams and departments across the Force; senior representatives of CST; Tim Williams, Chair of the national Jewish Police Association, and the Chief Crown Prosecutor for West Yorkshire, Martin Goldman. Thanks to the Jewish Police Association who have kindly sponsored the Kiddush after the service. After Kiddush, the principal guests will speak briefly to mark the occasion.


    28 Feb 2016 | 10:00
    contact: Alexandra Myers
    venue: Donisthorpe Hall
    description: Donisthorpe Hall invites you to a coffee morning “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” AT DONISTHORPE AND FOR DONISTHORPE OPENER: JOSEPHINE & ARNOLD BRILL GUESTS OF HONOUR: SUSAN & TONY KRISTALL CHILD PRESENTERS: DALIA & LEAH SERR DONATION: £5 Under 5’s free Pop Up Stalls, Jewellery, Crafts and much more EVERY £ PROLONGS A LIFE IN DONISTHORPE

    title: The BBC - time for action

    28 Feb 2016 | 19:30
    cost: Nil
    contact: Tim Friedman
    description: Come and hear guest speaker Jonathan Turner, UK Lawyers for Israel. What changes can we ask and expect the government to make when it renews the BBC charter at the end of the year? What can we do to improve the BBC's coverage of the Middle East?

    title: BHH Leisure Club

    29 Feb 2016 | 14:00
    cost: £1
    contact: Barry Abis
    venue: BHH Synagogue
    description: Leisel Carter's choice of music. Annual Subscription – £2 Admission is £1 per meeting including refreshments and a raffle For further information please contact Irene Collins on 0113 8055984 or Barry Abis on 07837 850 869

    title: Radio JCom Virtual Coffee Morning

    29 Feb 2016 | 10:00
    venue: Private Address
    description: Support your local Community Radio Station by having a cup of coffee in your own home and then send a donation to Radio JCom c/o Donisthorpe Hall, Shadwell Lane, LS17

    title: The Rise of The Israeli Right

    29 Feb 2016 | 20:00
    contact: Malcolm Sender
    venue: UHC
    description: Jewish Historical Society Leeds Branch With the UHC Leeds & Jewish Book Week Prof. Colin Shindler School of Oriental Studies Well known Speaker and Writer on Israeli History and Politics Will speak On The Rise of The Israeli Right. From Odessa To Hebron Monday 29th February at 8pm. UHC Synagogue 151 Shadwell Lane LS178DW Non-JHS Members £3.00
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Goathland is a village deep in the North York Moors surrounded by beautiful scenery and has its own station on the North Yorkshire Moors steam railway line.

Cricket Match

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The beautiful scenery in West Yorkshire

Photography Exhibition

The community's first photography exhibition - course let by David Cole.

Leeds City Centre Skyline

Leeds is often dubbed the country’s second largest centre for financial and professional services outside London with over 276,000 employed.

Harewood House

Harewood House is a beautiful stately home surrounded by beautiful grounds, a lake, bird garden and adventure playground.

A Question of Sport

A fundraising event to support Leeds Maccabi FC develop in Leeds!

UJIA Fundraising Dinner

A UJIA fundraising event to support cross communal activity and regeneration projects in deprived areas in Israel.