About Leeds

Leeds is the fastest growing city in the UK, a hub for financial, legal, IT and professional services, the centre of European Health Technology development and is both beautiful and affordable.

Over 8,000 Jewish people currently live in Leeds. Within the Jewish community you will find a wide range of services and activities on offer, including:
• a variety of synagogues
• Jewish day schools based on our youth campus
• social welfare and social housing provision on our community campus

Other than our large Jewish student campus, which is close to the city centre, all our Jewish community services are based in North Leeds (LS17), where most of the community live.

Our community is incredibly diverse and includes people:

• with various levels of religiosity or none
• who align with different denominations such as traditional and modern Orthodox, Reform, Liberal, Masorti and Lubavitch and none
• who have either Ashkenazi, Sephardi and Mizrachi heritage or a mix
• within all age groups
• with differing sexual orientation
• with differing interests
• from varying nationalities and first languages
• with varying levels of abilities and disabilities
• from severe poverty to extremely wealthy backgrounds
• both born in Leeds carrying their ancestorial heritage, to newcomers

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