• The Impact of the Tour de France in Alwoodley

    • date: 19-06-2014
    • Publish by: Susie


    Dear All,

    I have now had a whole range of meetings relating to the Tour de France and in particular its impact on Alwoodley. I have taken the opportunity in these meetings to clarify the impact on members of the community getting to and from shul.

    I am building into this email answers to some of the questions I have been asked in recent weeks – please note when I am referring to the A61 – I am referring to the stretch of the A61 that starts at the Ring Road Roundabout and runs down to just past the GSAL roundabout. I have tried to be precise around timings – but with the best will in the world all times are best approximations.

    Please also note the up to date timings in this email.

    1.       The A61 will be fully closed to all ‘non-race’ vehicles from 04.30 on Saturday 5th July 2014 until around 3pm / 3.30pm. All roads leading onto the A61 will be blocked off 

    2.       With respect to road closures for vehicles my website has a map that shows the road closures: www.dancohen.org.uk<http://www.dancohen.org.uk>

    3.       The A61 has to be totally clear of vehicles – as such no vehicles should be parked on the A61 from roughly 7pm 4th July 2014 as this is when the ‘clearing’ operation is beginning. Any vehicles left on the route WILL ultimately be towed away.

    4.       There are no pedestrian barriers along the A61 (save for one or two limited sections). As such there are few limitations to crossing the A61 EXCEPT when both the promotional caravan (which is made up of a lot of vehicles, floats etc) and the Cyclists Peloton are moving though (when the vehicles / bikes will form an effective physical barrier to crossing the road).

    5.       It is to be expected that the marshals and police – of which there will be many many along the route – will be trying to get people into safe positions (and not on the road) about 15 minutes before both the promotional caravan and the peloton come through.

    6.       It is anticipated (though this is based on educated guesswork by council officers) that the streets will be very crowded from a good time before the promotional caravan comes through.

    7.       It could well be challenging to cross the A61 between 9am to 9.15am.

    8.       Between 9.15am and 10.30am it would be wise to assume that due to marshalling and the coming through of the Caravan it will not be possible to cross the A61.

    9.       Between 10.30am and 11 – 11.15am (approx) it should be possible to cross the A61. 

    10.   The Peloton leaves the centre of Leeds at 11.10 am.

    11.   It is to be expected that from just after 11am until the cyclists have all passed through it will not be possible to cross the A61 (I would expect this to be up to, approximately, 11.45am). After this time there will also be the clean up teams coming through which will be rather like normal heavy traffic.

    12.   As soon as the peloton has moved through the crowds will start to disperse – there may therefore be quite a lot of people movement around 11.45 ish to 12.15 ish.


    I have been asked several times my opinion of when people should aim to be where they need to be. My view and advice is as follows:

    On 5th July, if your journey involves being near the A61 Tour de France cycle route, I would aim to ensure you are wherever you need and want to be when the Tour passes through, by 9am. Whether this be in position to watch the spectacle pass by, or in synagogue or indeed anywhere else. By 9am you should ideally be at your preferred location – or to use my catch phrase for the coming 3 weeks “You should be fine if your there by 9”

    If anybody has any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    I hope the above is helpful in planning your day and do please feel free to share this email as widely as you wish.



    Cllr Dan Cohen

    Leeds City Councillor for Alwoodley

    Shadow Spokesman for Leisure, Culture & Skills

    •  +44 (0)113 204 1096 (direct)

    •  daniel.cohen@leeds.gov.uk

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