• It's All About You! (CST)

    • Leeds Jewish Community
    • date: 13-02-2014
    • Publish by: Susie
    A 30min show on Radio J-COM (www.radiojcom.com / 1386MW) dedicated to a particular organisation!


    Find out about CST, this invaluable organisation, by listening to Radio J-COM (1386MW or visit radiojcom.com)


    CST (Community Security Trust) aims to seek to protect our community from the external threats of bigotry, anti-Semitism and terrorism. Our guest is Mark Gardner, Director of Publicity, who has worked for many, many years. For more information please call the Leeds office: 0113 237 1980 and the emergency pager number is 07659 112819.

    Find out:

    • *How, when and why CST was set up?
    • *How CST supports the whole of our Jewish community?
    • *How CST has changed over the past few years with the increase in car and suicide bombings etc.?
    • *What the achievements are so far? You will be very suprised - anyone single should listen to this!
    • *What their main challenges they are facing? Funding and seeking volunteers!!!




    For anyone who would like to get involved by volunteering or support financially check out their great website: thecst.org.uk or call 0113 237 1980.

    Produced by Noel Sumroy and Presented by Susie Gordon

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