• A New Kollel in Leeds

    • date: 13-05-2014
    • Publish by: Susie

    On Sunday 11 May was the official opening of the Leeds Jewish Educational Centre (Leeds Kollel). The members of the Kollel gathered together in BHH Synagogue, (Leeds) together with several committee members from Leeds and Manchester and Leeds Rabbonim. They were  addressed by an inspirational talk from the Chief Rabbi, who was introduced by the Rosh Chabura, R' Noson Krausz. The Chief Rabbi dwelt on the importance of a Kollel, mentioning that he himself established a Kollel in his previous Shul, the Kinloss Shul in Finchley. The success of the Kollel in Leeds holds great potential.


    Photo from John Fisher: (Left to Right) Chief Rabbi Rabbi Ahron Kramer Rabbi Noson Krausz 

    The Chief Rabbi pointed out that many times a community does not appreciate its value because it compares itself to its past, and sees itself as a declining community. It needs an outsider to see a community for what it is today, and see its strengths. On the other hand, he commented that an outsider does not have the ability to make any improvements to a community, as this has to be done by the community itself.

    Rabbi Ahron Kramer says "the Kollel is in the unique position of being on both sides of the fence. We are coming in as outsiders, and can see the great qualities of the community. At the same time are  integrating into the community, and can therefore have the ability to join the community as it creates its future".

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      Dear Rabbi Kramer and Rabbi Krauz

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      Valerie and Ivor Baum

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