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    I’m Susie Gordon, the Leeds Jewish community Executive Director, and on behalf of the Leeds Jewish Representative Council, I would like to welcome you to our Jewish community.  


    susie@ljrc.org|07714 204664|in/susiegordon1

    As a Leodensian who moved here a few years ago, please don't hesitate to contact me for advice if you are just visiting Leeds and seeking a kosher break or thinking of moving or already have moved to Leeds. I'm happy to provide a tour of the local area, useful contacts and answer any questions you may have. To also help enable you to feel instantly part of our vibrant community feel free to:

    • join and comment on our interactive community Facebook group /groups/leedsjewishcommunity/ 
    • follow us on Twitter@JewishLeeds 
    • join our mailing list to receive weekly updates e:susie@ljrc.org
    • receive a copy of the LJRC Year Book (a directory about all our community organisations) e: info@ljrc.org
    • listen to Radiojcom (1386mw), the only Ofcom sanctioned Jewish Radio Station in the whole of the UK






    Leeds is the third largest Jewish city in the UK, made up of around 10,000 people, with most residents living within one locality (about a 15 minute drive from the city centre) so please get in touch if you are thinking of visiting us and utilising all our community provisions.  

    Over the years we have seen an increasing number of families coming here for Kosher breaks and young families moving/returning here which led has to an incredible growth in our service provision. All of which has been captured in a 2 page article in the Jewish Chronicle on 5 September 2014 'Blue-sky thinking aids Leeds Revival' 

    Scroll to the end of this page to find out about our local Jewish history and join exciting walking tours of Jewish Leeds, Bradford, York, Huddersfield! Planned by Nigel Grizzard, a well known commentator and guide on Jewish life in Yorkshire. To book your place on forthcoming events or arrange a separate one please email: bradfordjewish@gmail.com.

    Keep scrolling down if you would like to also find out about:

     Leeds Jewish Youth: Education and Youth Activities
     Leeds Jewish Community Centre (MAZCC)
     Leeds Kosher Restaurants and Kosher Cafés
     Kosher Shops in Leeds
     Synagogues in Leeds
     Jewish Social Welfare in Leeds
     Job Opportunities in Leeds
     Rent or Purchase a Property in Leeds
     Explore Yorkshire
    • Local Amenities in Leeds
     Local Jewish History




    → Visit our brand new state of the art Henry Cohen youth campus

    Formal Education

    • Primary School (aged 2 - 11) - Brodetsky Primary School
    • High School (aged 11 - 13) - Leeds Jewish Free School (LJFS)

    Family Fun

     A new build of a modern youth centre (the Zone) with over 200 visitors a day with a very relaxed cafe, professional recording studio, DJ booth and an abundance of activities for your children to join. 

     All our community packs including rainbows, beavers, brownies, cubs, guides and scouts. Clickhere  for more information.

      Leeds Maccabi FC practice ground.




    → Attend some fun activities

    We have a very modern community centre (Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Community Centre - MAZCC) which has become the focal point for the community’s full range of activities and is used around the clock, six days a week, provides a suite of community offices and a synagogue.

    There are also over 50 other organisations who host an array of activities and events throughout the year. For a full listing visit leedsjewishcommunity.com/whats-on and join our mailing list to receive weekly updates e:susie@ljrc.org 




    →  Treat yourself to a delicious Kosher meal or Kosher snack 


    • The Restaurant at the MAZCC provides a delicious variety of modern and traditional kosher meat and fish dishes

    • The Cafe at the MAZCC offers a new range of homemade kosher cakes now including sugar free & gluten free, hot & cold drinks & light refreshments

    • The Café at The Zone has a full range of scrumptious home cooked kosher meals and special daily treats.

    • The Street Lane Bakery/Coffee shop serves fresh kosher bagels, bread, cakes, sandwiches and veggie sausage rolls along with fresh coffee, organic speciality teas and soft drinks. 

    • The Shabbat Made Easy offers a delicious fully Kosher Shabbat takeaway meal 





    →  Purchase Kosher Food


     Gourmet Foods (Jewish Co-Operative est. 1899) is the finest and largest fresh Kosher butcher and wholesaler in Yorkshire. Contact info: 0113 268 2726 / admin@etzchaim.co.uk

    The Moortown Deli offers a wide range of kosher foods and is under the inspection of Leeds Beth Din and Kashrut Authority. Fresh bread is available daily with fresh meat, poultry, cholov Yisroel dairy products and a wide range of other goods always in stock. Contact info: dovid@moortowndeli.com  | 0113 268 2943

     Myer's Famous Kosherie (delicatessen) has a full range of products available from fresh bread delivered daily to fresh meat and poultry delivered weekly. Contact info: 0113 268 2943 /malcolm@kosherie.net 

     Sainsbury's (online or at the Moor Allerton branch) provides a selection of kosher meat and produce.




    →  Attend a synagogue service or shul activity  


    We have 8 synagogues/services (1 Lubavitch, 1 Masorti, 5 Orthodox and 1 Reform). Please contact me any time to find out more about all our other synagogue services, which you are very welcome to attend with prior notice.



     →  Utilise our main social welfare provisions


     The Leeds Jewish Welfare Board (LJWB). Employs over 120 people and provides services for older people, the visually impaired and those with learning difficulties and mental health problems. In additional to this, excellent home care services, support for children and families, as well as the day-to-day management of the community centre.

     The Leeds Jewish Housing Association (LJHA). This is one of the best in the country, providing sheltered housing, family homes and starter homes for the under 35s, with over 700 service users and 484 properties and is currently expanding.

     Donisthorpe Hall (DH). They provide residential, nursing and dementia care to over 180 residents. It is the only independent care home in England to receive Health Quality Service (CHKS) accreditation and the Hospitality Assured standard for service and business excellence.



      → Dedicated to the Jewish People, Jewish heritage, and to Israel


    The Israeli Emissary is sent by the Jewish Agency for Israel, and supported by UJIA, to strengthen the connection between the Jewish community and Israel. They work across the community and beyond to promote Israeli culture, society, Hebrew and update us on developments in Israel. 

    Find out more: http://makor.co.uk/makor/Shaliach.html



    • Clickhere  to view all our current community vacancies and some local ones.

    • Other useful sites include: reed.co.uk | totaljobs.co.uk | monster.co.uk | cv-library.co.uk

    Top tip: Keep logging into recruitment sites as this will keep your details at the top of the list when recruiters carry out their searches!




    The majority of our community live in Moortown/Alwoodley/Roundhay (North Leeds) LS17 and LS8.

    Short Stay Holidays:

    • housetrip.com
    • airbnb.co.uk
    • ownersdirect.co.uk
    • holidaylettings.co.uk
    • roomzzz.com

    Private Local Estate Agents

    Manning Stainton
    Alan Cooke
    Preston Baker
    William Brown
    Your Move (Leeds-North)

    Social Housing

    Our Leeds Jewish Housing Association may be able to help and all their homes are based in the Moortown/Alwoodley area. The sizes vary from 1-4 bedrooms. To find out more please contact Liz Miller liz.miller@ljha.co.uk / 0113 203 4910 (in order for them to help, you need to be living in the UK).




    Within a 20 minute drive, from the heart of our community, you can be enjoying visiting a vast amount of beautiful attractions (such as Harewood House),  the Yorkshire Dales, or shopping in the rapid and continuously developing Leeds city centre.


    Leeds has re-established itself as one of the country’s top destinations! Last year more than 2.5 million people tuned in to watch the city host the opening stages of the Tour de France, it has a thriving business district, new shopping centre and concert arena, along with the region’s very own Tour de Yorkshire in May.

    Discover all that's great about this fantastic county, to book accommodation for your stay and to save money through great deals offered by leading venues and attractions. Just visit Welcome to Yorkshire and you'll find a wealth of information about things to do and places to go.




     GP Doctors Surgeries: Clickhere  to view a list of GP services in the local area.

     Dentists: Clickhere  to view a list of NHS dentist surgeries in the local area.

    • Hospitals: Clickhere  to view a list of NHS hospitals in the local area.

    If you urgently need medical help or advice but it's not a life-threatening situation, call 111 free from any phone to speak to an NHS adviser. The 24-hour NHS 111 service can give you healthcare advice or direct you to the local service that can help you best.

    • Nurseries (ages 0 - 4): There are two local (on Primley Park Road and on Street Lane). Cost: under 3's £47.00 per day, over 3's £45.00 per day. They are only closed on bank holidays and open 8-6pm. There are also Sure Start nurseries which are partly government funded so less expensive than private nurseries.

    For personal recommendations for any other services please comment and request a response on our interactive community Facebook group /groups/leedsjewishcommunity/  




    →  Read about our local history

    There have been Jews living in Leeds since, at least, the middle of the eighteenth century. Like Jewish communities throughout the United Kingdom, the Jewish population of Leeds increased throughout the nineteenth century as Jews fled Eastern Europe. Their prosperity was based on the textile and clothing industries. Though many of the Jewish immigrants to Leeds were either self-employed or employers, others embodied a substantial supply of cheap labour, both for the multiple tailoring enterprises and the sweatshops. Textiles were the basis of the economy of Leeds in the nineteenth century, the vast amount of factories meant an increased labour force. The Jews who fled from Eastern Europe were unskilled but this industry provided many job opportunities for them. During the latter part of the nineteenth century, conditions in the sweatshops led to a series of general strikes by Jewish clothing workers in Leeds, and it is these events that entered the collective memory and have coloured social attitudes among Leeds Jews up to the present. 

    Throughout the twentieth century there was a steady rise in the overall economic status of the Leeds community. Many children of the immigrants and later generations entered the professions, and there was a continual move from inner-city areas, such as Leylands and Chapeltown, further out to Roundhay and later to the suburbs, which are among the wealthier parts of the city. According to the 2001 Census, just under three-quarters of all the Jews in Leeds live in the North, Moortown and Roundhay wards; slightly over 10 per cent are in Headingley and Chapel Allerton wards.

    (elements of the information above have been taken from a report based on the 2001 Census produced by The Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR)

    To purchase a copy of 'From Leylands to Leeds 17' please email info@makor.co.uk 

    On behalf of our community, we hope you thoroughly enjoy your visit or move to Leeds!  

    Susie Gordon


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